Good Humans of Nashville

September 06, 2018

Good Humans of Nashville

“Please let me make something beautiful
A thing that reminds us there's good in the world”
[lyrics from “Make Something Beautiful” by Nashville singer-songwriter Ben Rector]

There’s something magical that takes place when you move to Nashville.

You learn kindness.

In a city packed with artists, nonprofits, and social enterprises, you can’t go far without witnessing a worthy cause. Change-makers at every turn are a constant reminder for Nashvillians to love their neighbors.

While there are literally thousands of socially conscious organizations working in our neck of the woods, I wanted to briefly highlight just a few mission-minded Music City businesses—some whose whole operations are designed for doing good; others who weave generosity into larger business goals.

Check out the six businesses below creating a more beautiful Nashville.

Humphreys Street
How to tell profit-minded coffee shops they are about to lose money to a coffee place committed to transforming lives? “Boom, roasted.”

Photo credit: @humphreysstreet

Although this Wedgewood Houston coffee shop is only a few weeks into business, Humphreys Street has been making a change in south Nashville for over 10 years. This social enterprise (launched out of Harvest Hands Community Development) employs and empowers youth with jobs making soap, roasting coffee beans, and serving lattes.

If you care about the community and love a single-origin pour over, stop by Humphreys Street Coffee and “drink good coffee for a change.”

The Good Fill
“I want to tackle the idea that we don't have enough time, money, convenience or resources to change the habits consumerism has trapped us in.” Megan Gill

Photo credit: @thegoodfill

The founders of The Good Fill identified a need tothrow away wasteful thinking. Working to educate others on the effects of plastic, this planet-conscious shop hosts pop-ups around town for people to refill containers with everyday goods. Refill options include body wash, shampoo, laundry detergent, dish soap, and all-purpose cleaners. Check out their website to see when you can pop in and fill up.

Jackalope Taproom
What to say when you find out you can drink a great brew for a great mission? “Beer me, bro.”

Photo credit: @jackalopetaproom

Rotating missions as they rotate taps, Jackalope donates 20% of proceeds from one particular beer per month. In recent months, they’ve supportedFriends of Warner Parks, Thistle Farms, Safe Haven, and Our Kids Center.

Next time you’re thirsty to make a difference, drop by Jackalope and drink legendary.

Small World Yoga
A few years ago, I believed Sun Salutations were only for Green Hills Moms. (If you’re unfamiliar with the term “Green Hills Mom,” think Amy Poehler on Mean Girls.)

Photo credit: @smallworldyoga

The founders of Small World Yoga have changed the game, making yogis out of every age, shape, and income level. Small World Yoga provides access to 48 free classes per month. On and off the mat, the leaders areconnecting people and creating community, ultimately building a healthier Nashville.

Good Good Good
“When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, ‘look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.’” - Mr. Rogers

Photo credit: @goodgoodgoodco

There’s good all around. The problem is, society pushes us to wallow in the bad. Politicians know the power of fear-mongering tactics, and, unfortunately, we are often duped into unwise decisions out of terror. Counteracting this trend, Good Good Good exists to remind us of the active kindness radiating throughout the world.

Through their printed newspaper, email newsletter, Instagram account, and podcast, the Good team reminds us all to “celebrate good news and become good news.”

Musicians Corner
Who wouldn’t want to attend a dog-friendly, family-friendly, and booze-friendly music event?

Photo credit: @muscornernash

For the past eight years, Musicians Corner has provided free music in Centennial Park on weekends in the spring and fall. Touting performances by Chris Stapleton, Drew & Ellie Holcomb, and the Secret Sisters, Musicians Corner has created a welcoming environment full of awe-inspiring music for the city that listens.

Utilizing the main stage with popular names and a side stage for newer artists, Musicians Corner delivers a community-building experience for all Nashville citizens.

*This just so happens to be my favorite Music City event.*

In Nashville, we love our neighbors. We march for equality. We stand up for the oppressed. We empower the weak. We see the forgotten. We look for the good.

Join us. To get involved with other organizations working for change, check out local listings in Charity Navigator.


Cristy Wicks splits her time between freelance marketing, eating all the queso at Taqueria del Sol, and facetiming her niece, Austyn. A Texas native and 7 on the enneagram, she loves testing out new restaurants and hosting parties with her husband in their home near 12 South.

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