Welding the Bond between Skincare and Mental Health the Right Way | Kimberley Alexandria-Day

June 11, 2018

Welding the Bond between Skincare and Mental Health the Right Way | Kimberley Alexandria-Day

By: Kimberley Alexandria-Day

For many years mental illness and retardation were looked at as a hush-hush issue. No one wanted to talk about it and people just brushed it off as though it was no big deal.

When I was younger, I noticed that some of my family members were what people used to say—a little “off”. I had a cousin that dealt with not only a mental illness, but physical ailment as well. I also took notice as to how some of my family members acted—how short they were when it came to talking about certain subjects, how easily upset and discontent they became. I also took notice of how sometimes erratic their behaviors were at times, which led me to become even more curious. So I, as an inquisitive child, asked a lot of questions because I wanted to know the root of the problem. I wanted to know what caused mental illness. Was it something genetically inherited or passed down through generations? Of course, I was hushed because no one wanted to talk about it, and I became emotionally disconnected from my own family.

I would want to talk to someone, especially about the way that I was feeling. You would think that the people in your family would be the ones who you could truly turn to, that they would hear you out. But on many occasions, my feelings would be met with backlash, the same response: "Ain't nothing wrong with you."

I remember wanting to commit suicide at 15, unbeknownst to many people, because I made it a point to not talk about it. I felt alone and depressed. I was constantly in the midst of unnecessary drama at school, and I always wanted to run away. But what drove me to that point is the real question. How could that have
been prevented?

Think of the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why. The main character, Hannah Baker, is exactly who I was. The series resonates with me so much because it highlights everything wrong with society, including the so-called adults that we were supposed to look up to for help. The moment we voice our opinions or our feelings we're scolded, much like Hannah in the series.

That's what led me to want to create a space for women - especially young women - to help prevent those things from happening and know that they CAN talk to someone about whatever it is that they're going through. I needed someone to be there for me and I decided to be that person to be there for someone else. My wish is for young women (and men, too!) to reach out to me through OTS by email or by calling us. The reality is everyone needs someone to talk to and be confident, whether they make it known or not.

As the store opens in June, I want Ode to Self to become a safe haven for people. Yes, we sell beauty and lifestyle products, but the purpose is to help you create a calm space so that you can properly care for yourself, get into a self-care routine, and remember to check in with yourself.

At OTS, we're promoting a positive, healthy lifestyle. We're combating mental illness through our "Mind Your Wellness" initiative, which helps people get in tune with themselves through their physical, emotional, and mental feelings. We're making it our mission to remind people to start checking in with themselves and
each other.

It all starts with a simple question: "How are you REALLY doing?"

With the opening of the store, I am offering the readers here on Nashville Guide 10% off their first purchase with us, using code: OTSNASH10 when we launch! I want you all to experience what we have to offer and get ready to treat yourself.


Kimberley Alexandria-Day is a serial entrepreneur whose interests and ventures span beauty, skincare, art, photography, fitness, health, and wellness. Kimberley is the proud owner of Ode to Self, a skincare and wellness boutique dedicated to self-care for women. Kimberley also blogs on her personal website, Alex René Lifestyle, and does freelance photography under Alex René Creative.

Instagram: @odetoself | @kimberleyalexandriaday
Website: www.ode-toself.com (launch June 15th) | www.alexrenelifestyle.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/odetoself


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