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The Nashville Guide is the best way to experience Music City. With resident contributors providing personal and insightful descriptions for everything from dive bars and stylish coffee shops to hidden eateries and the hippest retailers, this handy guide is like exploring Nashville with an in-the-know local. 

Meet The Nashville Guide contributors:
WRITERS  |  The Nashville Guide  |  no.1


Abby Demmer
Live in: East Nashville
Work: Founder of The Nashville Guide
Instagram: @abbydemmer
A little more about me: I’m a Midwest girl at heart. I love anything outdoors—especially when it involves water. I love supporting local (shocking, right!?). I’ll buy anything from a brand that gives back to a great cause. I could watch documentaries all day, every day, and not get bored. I’m a proud aunt. I’m addicted to chocolate and decorating. 
Photo: Michael Reuther (@michaelreuther)


Joe Beecroft
Live in: East Nashville
Work: I am currently developing and starting my own business, The Local Perspective.
Instagram: @thelocalperspective
A little more about me: Originally from England, I’m soccer (real football) obsessed. I play 2 to 3 times a week and still avidly follow my team from back home, rising at 6am most weekends to watch them on TV. A self-described foodie, I love to cook as much as I love to eat out. I’m a beer fanatic and so Nashville has been perfect for me. I spend the majority of my current time developing my business, The Local Perspective.
Photo: Ben Lalisan (@benlalisan)


Holly Darnell
Live in: The Nations
Work: Registered dietitian and owner of Golden Roots, a thoughtfully hand-picked, local recipe service using Tennessee farms. I also work at Bongo Bakery and work for a personal chef. 
Instagram: @hollywood_25
A little more about me: I love cooking for friends and throwing dinner parties. My boyfriend is also a pretty legit cook, so I enjoy being in the kitchen and cooking with him and eating whatever he fixes. I’m also passionate about health and fitness, and enjoy going to the gym and doing yoga. I also love to try new restaurants and go to beer/wine pairing dinners. Basically anything that has to do with food, and I’m there. My family also lives close by and I love spending time with them.
Photo: Abby Demmer (@abbydemmer)


Kelley Griggs
Live in: East Nashville
Work: I work with a tech startup called GameWisp, helping streamers and other content creators build subscription services. 
Instagram: @kelleyboothe
A little more about me: I am a writer and graphic designer. Most of the time I’m working on either my day job or my own projects, but in my spare time, I love to practice my creative skills. 
Photo: Megan Sweeting (@bourbonandbrides)


Aubrey Hine
Live in: Germantown
Work: Advertising/Marketing at G/O Digital
Instagram: @aubreyhine
A little more about me: I’m enrolled in ClassPass, allowing me to try out hundreds of different fitness studios from boot camps to spin classes to Pilates. I love finding different ways to stay active and anything to support local businesses is always a plus. I’ve started to make a list of new (and not so new) restaurants I haven’t been to yet to switch things up a few times a month. I’ve recently taken up calligraphy as well. I swoon over the artists who use this form of design to create art, gifts, cards, or simple daily quotes to live by. 
Photo: Marissa Pellegrino (@marissapelle)


Allison Holley
Live in: East Nashville
Work: I own a little shop called Apple & Oak!
Instagram: @appleandoaknash  
A little more about me: I love to explore Nashville, go out to eat, and drink on porches with my friends. I love to try new places and support local businesses. Social activities keep me going, although on Friday nights, I hide in my bed with my computer, red wine, and my two amazing pups.
Photo: Rob Norris (@ForRobNorris)


Kate Moore
Live in: The Belmont/Hillsboro
Work: I own, operate, and love getFIT615.
Instagram: @moore_kate
A little more about me: I love spending time outside with Emma, getFIT615’s mascot and my best friend (@readyforEMMAthing). I also love writing and spending time with friends over coffee and spicy margs. I also love cooking.
Photo: Lindsey Kanes (@lkanes)


Sarah Patton
Live in: Green Hills
Work: Owner of Social Bliss Events and founder of Creative Souls
Instagram: @sarahcharlottepatton
A little more about me: I love inspiring women to go after their dreams and help them tackle the “crazy” ideas—the ones people tell you are not attainable. Well, they are, and you should always chase your dreams.

I am in love with Nashville and enjoy telling people where to go and what to do in the city. I adore my tribe and family, reading, and traveling. I have a heart for missions, especially to Africa. I love meeting new friends; my motto is “The more the merrier!”
Photo: Abby Demmer (@abbydemmer)


Kristen Shoates
Live in: Currently, West End. But as a serial mover, I’ve lived in Green Hills and Hillsboro Village in my time here.
Work: I work as a strategist and writer for a marketing agency that specializes in working with nonprofits; I freelance write; and I help my husband run our business—Sky Studios, a local music lesson and recording studio.
Instagram: @kristennicole86
A little more about me: I’m a huge fan of music and am often out at shows or browsing record stores. Travel is one of my biggest passions, and I love anything adventurous like hiking, kayaking, and getting outside. I’m also into health and wellness, reading, fashion, art, film, and exploring our amazing city.
Photo: Abby Demmer (@abbydemmer)


Alexander Tapper
Live in: East Nashville
Work: I started a web design marketplace called—we build Web sites over screen-share!
Instagram: @fantasticmrtapp
A little more about me: I’m a wayward songwriter and jazz junkie. I prefer when things line up at right angles. Since I’m at the computer for work, I try to spend my free time outdoors. I practice yoga daily—inversions are my favorite and I attempt at least one handstand each day. In the cooler months, I bike with my black lab mix, Ramsay, on the greenway—he actually pulls me like a sled dog! In a previous life I studied classical guitar, led my college rugby team to an SEC championship, and took 10,000 photos underwater while SCUBA diving.  
Photo: Jamie Clayton (@jamieclayton)

Photographers  |  The Nashville Guide  |  no.1

Abby Hester 
Bio: Abby is a fashion stylist, photographer, and lover of travel.

Abby Wharton 
Instagram: @tallblondeandhungry
Bio: I grew up in this wonderful city of Nashville and moved back two years ago to take advantage of the city life and the amazing food it has to offer. @tallblondeandhungry was created for food lovers across the world to get a taste of Nashville. The account ranges from fine dining to local dives! If you ever need food advice in Nashville, visit or DM TBH for my favorite spots! 

Abigail Hardin 
Instagram: @abigail__hardin 
Bio: Abigail is an emerging artist, she loves all things creative. She has a drive to make things happen, has a love for watercolors, long drives with the music loud and the windows down. Being a successful entrepreneur is in her blood... and keeps her going no matter what. You can usually find her at a local coffee shop, building community with caffeine and confidence.

Ace Aviles 
Instagram: @bonjourantoinette 
Bio: Ace, a shutterbug/beerchugger/furmomma/nurse, came to Nashville 12 years ago from the Philippines. Although she loves to try new and exciting restaurants, her love of Mcdonald's Quarter Pounder will never falter. She does have other passions: devouring the latest books, cheering for the Preds, letting her family and friends wait while she take pictures of their food, and occasional travelling.

AleQ Bateman
Instagram: @aleqbateman
Bio: AleQ is 25 years old and lives in Nashville, TN. When he is not working at the Starbucks he manages or writing poetry he can be found adventuring with his fiancé around Nashville, experiencing all the wonderful restaurants and sights this city has to offer.

Alexa Coulton 
Instagram: @NashvilleRealtorista 
Bio: Born and raised in Nashville, Alexa grew up with a passion for the Music City and all it has to offer its residents and visitors alike. Throughout the years she has cultivated a strong love for the vibrant real estate market, restaurant scene, and unique culture.

Alexandra Jalil 
Instagram: @alexandrajalil 
Bio: Honduran, internationalist, amateur photographer, occasional writer, social media strategist and content creator. She likes to capture spontaneity, warm details, and delightful places.

Allison Cobb 
Instagram: @allikcobb 
Bio: I am a ‪Georgia transplant who fell in love with this city.‬ I am a Foodie, iPhone photographer, Dog mom, and adventurer. I love new places and new faces. Thank you Nashville for being a city of passion, creativity, and acceptance. I strive every day to contagiously spread hope and happiness. I look every day to others for inspiration. Stay Rad Nashville.

Allison Porterfield 
Instagram: @allison_port 
Bio: I'm a graphic designer here in Nashville. I call Nashville home because of I love how much of a creative hub it has become for not only music, but art, fashion, food and entrepreneurship. For inquiries, visit

Allisyn K Morgan 
Instagram: @allisynkmorgan 
Bio: A Charleston native, Allisyn K Morgan is a food-obsessed photographer with a background in historic preservation and architectural history. She is most passionate about saving historic buildings and preserving food heritage and culture, documenting fine examples of such along the way. Her love of food, history, and photography align most when traveling, but she's never disappointed simply walking the streets of her hometown.

Alyssa Bantad 
Instagram: @ayelyssadawn 
Bio: Canadian girl adventuring in the Nation's Oldest City. Can be found managing media for @thehyppo or indulging in something sweet.

Andra Turner 
Instagram: @andratee 
Bio: I’m a 30-something Chicagoan who loves any excuse to travel. Whenever I’m in a new place, I love wandering the streets, shopping at local boutiques, and eating my way through the city. I love seeing what other cities have to offer and experiencing life in unfamiliar places – all while making memories along the way.

Andrea Rose 
Instagram: @andrea.m.rose 
Bio: 24 year old New England native and Nashville resident of 5 years. Lover of leggings, my cat, coffee, makeup, thrifting, scary stories, and humans.

Amy Roberts 
Instagram: @amylynneroberts 
Bio: Amy is a freelance writer and editor from Pittsburgh, PA. She moved to Nashville in 2013. She's into yoga, travel, music and obsessively rearranging the furniture in her house. 

Anne M. Frazier 
Instagram: @anneelizabethfrazier 
Bio: A Chattanooga native, Anne is a young attorney putting down roots in Nashville, Tennessee. When she's not in the courtroom, Anne and her husband, Brandon, enjoy exploring their new neighborhood in The Nations, live country music, and partaking in Nashville's vast array of culinary experiences.

Anthea Levi 
Instagram: @ThisIsItThough 
Bio: A born and bred New Yorker, Anthea spends her days writing and editing at Time Inc. When she isn't working on magazine stories and blog posts, she's snapshotting the things she loves most--breakfast bowls and NY cityscapes included.

Ashley DuBay 
Instagram: @downbydubay 
Bio: Well behaved women rarely make history.

Ashley Couse 
Instagram: @bloomandnourish 
Bio: Ashley is a doula, holistic health counselor, and the founder of Bloom & Nourish, a unique wellness resource for women during the childbearing years. Her desire is to support women into the journey of motherhood and encourage them to sustain a lifestyle of wellness. When Ashley isn’t researching all things birth, she enjoys spending time with her music-loving husband, playing with her sweet pup, Walter, and sharing delicious meals with friends.

Ashley Washington-Farmer 
Instagram: @ashleylcm 
Bio: I enjoy traveling, exploring new places in Nashville, interior design, and designing jewelry. My goal is to have my designs in local boutiques within 24 months. People compliment me on being a visionary, and I am often asked to help as a personal stylist. People tell me their confidence in their clothing and home décor styles is boosted with my assistance.

Aubrey Williams 
Instagram: @alwaysaubreyblog 
Bio: Blogger at A Midwest transplant in Nashville, Aubrey is a working girl, wife, and veteran. She's basically Leslie Knope and Liz Lemon combined, for better or for worse. You'll find her eating, traveling, shopping, and talking in Tennessee and beyond!

Barcelona Wine Bar 
Instagram: @barcelonawinebar 
Bio: Barcelona Wine Bar & Restaurant is a warm and welcoming Spanish tapas bar serving small plates of food using the finest seasonal ingredients from local markets and specialties from Spain and the Mediterranean. This award-winning restaurant offers a wide selection of wines from Spain and South America and boasts one of the largest Spanish wine programs in the United States.

Instagram: @bartacolife 
Bio: Inspired by a healthy, outdoor lifestyle, bartaco combines upscale street food with a coastal vibe in a relaxed environment. The minimalistic décor is light and breezy, with the feel of a rustic beach shack. Whether dining with family or enjoying a night out with friends, all will savor the undeniable energy that is the bartaco experience. 

Brooke Rosolino
Instagram: @cravewellnow
Bio: Brooke Rosolino is a culture consultant and wellness coach.  She has been immersed in the wellness industry for over 10 years.  Brooke started out as a personal trainer, then worked as a nutritionist at a home for troubled girls, many of whom suffered from severe eating disorders.  She then went to work for lululemon for 5 years.  Drawing on her experience in the fitness and wellness industry and in team coaching and brand development for lululemon, Brooke dreamt up both her businesses: Cravewell (wellness coaching) and NGoodCompany (culture consulting.)  A year later she was coaching high profile clients and consulting for large organizations.  Brooke currently lives in Waco, TX, where she conducts online wellness courses and consults for Magnolia, a company that went from 80 employees to 400 in less than year after the founder's hit show Fixer Upper became the most popular show on HGTV.

Caitlin Bloodworth 
Instagram: @caitlin_bloodworth 
Bio: I'm a born & raised Nashvillian, but I currently live in Rosemary Beach, Florida where I manage a lifestyle store, Outpost. Although living at the beach ain't half bad, Nashville will always be home to me. I love how people from all over the US are gravitating towards Nashville and recognizing it as a hub for fashion, food, and...bachelorette parties :)

Calia Minassian 
Instagram: @caliaflower 
Bio: I live in a little bubble called Santa Barbara, CA where the sun is always shining and the waves always crashing. When I'm not dancing, doing yoga, or taking photos of everything I see, you can find me writing copy and art directing UGG's social media channels (not so basic, I swear. Check it out for yourself!).

Carlen Lee Arnold 
Instagram: @hostandtoaststudio (formerly @carlen_hostandtoast) 
Bio: Carlen is a creative entrepreneur, designer, woodworker and founder of host & toast, an online shop for wedding and home, located in Atlanta, Georgia. When she and her husband, David, are not working in their studio woodshop, you can find them sipping mimosas at a weekend brunch, watching Suits in their authentic factory loft, or playing volleyball in the park. Link to our website:

Carly Cross
Instagram: @carlycross
Bio: From Portland, Oregon to the heart of Dixie. I'm an amateur event stylist, baker and mom. I love making anything, but my specialties are sweet treats and Seinfeld references.

Caroline LeGates 
Instagram: @goodeatswithcaro & @carolinelegates 
Bio: Caroline LeGates was born and raised in Roswell, GA, a suburb just north of Atlanta. She is a junior Pi Beta Phi at The University of Mississippi studying Integrated Marketing Communications and Public Relations. When she's not in class, you can find her exploring new restaurants and cities with her friends and family on the search for her next "good eats" post.

Cassandra Neece 
Instagram: @cassandraneece 
Bio: Cassandra is a freelance Graphic Designer and Yoga Instructor here in Nashville. She loves to explore in and around Nashville - seeing live music, eating all the delicious food and adventuring throughout the diverse landscape of Tennessee. Learn more about her at: 

Christina Chintanaphol 
Instagram: @christinamochi 
Bio: Christina is a health care provider in training at the University of Tennessee while finding creative ways to provide quality health care to patients. In addition to her pharmacy studies, she travels the world, finds fabulous foods to eat, and loves eye-catching design.

Colby Lapolla 
Instagram: @colbylapolla 
Bio: Colby is a Belmont grad who can be found coaching singers at Brett Manning Studios/Singing Success by day, and eating pizza by night.

Cover Nashville 
Instagram: @covernashville 
Bio: Two girls that like to run around Nashville (or all of Tennessee) and take pictures of pretty much everything and anything that the city has to offer. It's not just music city to us, it's food city, scenery city, people city, and we want to showcase as much as we can in a memorable form like our pictures. #covernashville

Danielle Burton 
Instagram: @dburts 
Bio: I am a Product Developer for Canadian fashion retailer Aritzia, and live in Vancouver, BC. Whenever I get a chance to, I love checking out new cities - the vibe, the restaurants, the workouts, the style, and the people, and anywhere with some sunshine is a serious bonus. Nashville is such a vibrant place, definitely one of my favourites to visit!

Dani Luecht 
Instagram: @daniluecht & @allyecitizens 
Bio: I am a wife and momma residing in sunny San Diego, California. I recently opened up my own brick and mortar shop called All Ye Citizens, featuring unique and handmade goods from makers near and far, including a few from Nashville. I love visiting Nashville because in my opinion, it is home to some of the best food, coffee, shopping and music in the nation. I can't wait to go back again soon and be even more inspired.

Deidre DeFelice 
Instagram: @xo.deidre 
Bio: Deidre moved to Nashville in 2010 from her home state of Michigan and is constantly inspired by the creativity and entrepreneurial spirit of this city. She is employed as Director of Operations at The Blowout Co and loves helping women look and feel their best. She is also a contributing writer for Thought Catalog and Elite Daily, along with writing for a blog of her own called Left to Write.

Derrick Rice 
Instagram: @rice_dl 
Bio: Derrick and his lovely wife Bridget have relished the Nashville restaurant boom. They're no stranger to the scene, and you can frequently hear them saying, "We'll try one of everything!"

Eleanor Phillips 
Instagram: @vultureburds 
Bio: Nashville native, currently studying Entomology, Nematology & Plant Medicine at the University of Florida. I am passionate about food justice, safety, education, and the ayurvedic theory of food to promote good health. I am also a dedicated swimmer & student of Iyengar yoga (I highly recommend 12 South Yoga in Nashville!)

Elisa Gorman 
Instagram: @elisagorman 
Bio: Dreamer, Writer, Business Owner and Social Networker. Small town Canadian moves to NYC with one suitcase with no plan to ever leave. Now living in CT managing clients through my company New View PR, taking time to travel the World. Finding love in the US with my Singer/Songwriter who has a great story, giving back to national charities creating connection with every person I meet! 

Instagram: @elizakennard 
Bio: Elizabeth is a fine art wedding, lifestyle, and commercial photographer based in both Texas and Mississippi available for travel worldwide. With an eye for radiant beauty, lighthearted laughter, and intricate details, she thrives on telling stories through frames that captivate the eyes and the heart. Elizabeth believes in the celebration of life, the power of adventure, and the magic that comes from sharing the love stories of her extraordinary clients.

Elly Deutch 
Instagram: @EllyDeutch 
Bio: Social Media Enthusiast // Avid Sports Fan // Hugger // Digital Documentarian // Kickball World Champ

Emilie Sobel 
Instagram: @emiliesobel 
Bio: Emilie Sobel is a Social Media Coordinator and Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger for Soul in Stilettos based in Miami Beach, FL.

Emily Cutrer and Lee Gabardi (EmiLeeandTravels) 
Instagram: @emileelandtravels 
Bio: We are constantly looking forward to our next trip or experience and have found that our happiest moments are sitting around an interesting meal or exploring a new spot together. We decided to more formally (if only slightly) document our journeys in the future through our creation of EmiLeelandTravels. Cheers!

Emily Joy Smith 
Instagram: @itsemilyjoy 
Bio: Basically, I spend too much time at coffee shops and typical Nashville spots. I’m that embarrassing girl that goes to extravagant lengths to get the perfect lighting for my latte pics.

Emily Lunstroth
Instagram: @thelocusofstyle 
Bio: Emily is a style blogger who almost loves food almost more than clothing. Her blog, The Locus of Style it is a place where you can find, outfit ideas, the best pieces from a 150 page online sale, amateur beauty tips and more!

Emily Sherman
Instagram: @emilyysherman
Bio: I'm a 19 year old human in this world attending the University of Minnesota, pursuing a degree in Retail Merchandising. When i'm not crying over homework I've procrastinated on, you can find me overcomsuming sushi, trying way too hard to take the perfect Instagram picture, or studying in my pursuit to become a yoga instructor.

Emma Denley Groppe 
Instagram: @emmaann13 
Bio: Emma Groppe is a hopeless romantic and lover of the idyllic, with a passion for social justice. She is a current resident of Charleston, SC, deep in the heart of the lowcountry. There she pursued and received an undergraduate degree in International Studies, met her best friend, and recently married him. While fond of adventure and travel, she proudly calls the lowcountry home and is happiest there: nesting in simplicity. 

Erica Vogler 
Instagram: @e_vogue 
Bio: Erica Vogler hails from Richmond, Virginia, but currently enjoys navigating young adulthood here in Nashville...especially while checking out every new band and restaurant along the way.

Farhan Rehmani 
Instagram: @netpunk76 
Bio: Farhan is a resident of Dallas. He lives there with his wife Ashlynn and cat Herman. Due to overwhelmingly great music and food, they have become repeat visitors to Nashville.

Gabby Watson 
Instagram: @gbbywtsn 
Bio: I'm a 27 year old newlywed who lives in East Nashville with my husband. I spend my days working at Room In The Inn, a homeless shelter downtown, but my passion is photography. My husband and I own photographer business specializing in portrait, brand and wedding photographer! 

Ghada Bawajeeh 
Instagram: @ghadawb 
Bio: I’m an international student from Saudi Arabia studying at MTSU. I love discovering new places and photograph it. And you can find more about me by following my Instagram.

Bio: 17 y.o gal! Personal blogger- likes to take pictures of everything!

Haley Turnbull 
Instagram: @haleboppit 
Bio: Toronto based amateur printmaker and travel enthusiast. 

Hannah Huffines 
Instagram: @hannahahuffines 
Bio: Born and raised in Tennessee, Hannah Huffines has lived in Nashville since 2012. After studying entrepreneurial management, Huffines turned her attention to her baking start-up, recipe development, and social media consulting. Her favorite things about Nashville are the city's evolving food scene and collaborative small business community. Follow Huffines' gluten free bakery, Sweet Bites, at @sweetbitesbakes or find her making coffee at The Jam Coffeehouse. 

Holly Myers 
Instagram: @builtbyholly 
Bio: Holly has been passionate about health and wellness for many years and fulfilled a lifelong dream when she launched her personal training business to help individuals lead healthy lifestyles. Standup paddleboard, stretching and calisthenics are just a few methods Holly uses to train her clients at Built by Holly. While standup paddleboarding is only available seasonally here in Nashville, Holly trains individuals in the off-season to stay in tip-top shape physically in preparation for summer!

HOTBOX Nashville 
Instagram: @hotboxnashville 
Bio: We're all about good vibes and being true to yourself. Oh yeah, our workouts are challenging as hell too. No words can really embody what hotbox is or what we do, just let us show you why we do it.

Jennifer Diaz 
Instagram: @jenmdiaz 
Bio: Jennifer Diaz is a Certified Health & Wellness Coach and Exercise Physiologist with a passion for teaching people how to treat themselves with love and respect so they can live a healthy and happy life. 

Jess Soccorsi
Bio: A singer/songwriter currently based out of Nashville. She studied music in London, U.K. before relocating to Tennessee to focus on music full-time.

Jessica Steddom 
Instagram: @jessicasteddom 
Bio: My role is to be a tool to help others tell their stories. I want YOU to shine through the image and while my own creative ideas and directions will be apart of the experience my goal along with taking beautiful photos is to achieve your goal. My secret is that I see the world through the lens of capturing the best in everyone through my mood outlook and work.

Jessie Schultz 
Instagram: @callmeschultz 
Bio: I'm an East Nashville purest, having lived in the neighborhood since moving here 8 years ago. Nashville has my heart and will always be home. I enjoy every aspect of this great state from the cool fall hiking to hot summer cliff jumping, but would prefer the beach any day. Most of the time you can find me dancing, singing, or laughing when I'm not looking at people's eyeballs (aka working). 

Jill and James 
Bio: We are two locals who met playing NSL kickball. We realize that dating is really tough (of course not for ourselves just everyone else, right?), and wanted to ease some of the burden of coming up with food/drink spots for a good date. Thus was born. We are both really different in our food preferences and opinions, so hopefully provide two balanced and different perspectives. 

Joanna Lukaszewska 
Instagram: @joannalukaszewska 
Bio: European born, Midwest raised, nashville Transplant. 

Josie Rose 
Instagram: @missjosierose 
Bio: Josie was raised in Florida, but is currently living in Tennessee. She's 14-months away from graduating Physician Assistant School and plans to practice in the area. She spends her time off exploring the state along with her golden retriever, Emme. She enjoys tasty eats, laughing at life, and a good whiskey on the rocks. Occasionally she dusts off her canon to take some snap shots with her best gal pals. 

Julia Alexander 
Instagram: @julialalexanderyo 
Bio: Living my life from one weekend trip to the next, always on the lookout for what lies off the beaten path. Raised in Asheville, NC, now living in Los Angeles.

Juliana Wright 
Instagram: @juliana_wright 
Bio: Although her coworkers refer to her as the VP of Vibe Management, Juliana is the Promotions & Social Media Coordinator at i106.7, Jack FM & Mix 92.9. She’s lived in Music City for two years and calls it home – hold the hot chicken. She may or may not live in 12 South solely so she’s within stumbling distance of Flipside’s giant bloody mary. Some may call it coincidence, she calls it destiny.

Justin Willenbrink 
Instagram: @jwillenbrink 
Bio: Professional beer drinker for Blefa Kegs / Lover of 513, my wife, cycling, good beer, better bourbon, my dogs and movie quotes. Total sports nut & full-time smart-ass. I used to think I was indecisive, but now I'm not so sure. My thoughts are my own.

Justine Pepe
Instagram: @lovejpep
Bio: Justine is an Art Director, who recently moved to Chicago, from her lifetime home in Long Island, NY. In her down-time she enjoys time spent with her soul-mate Frank, her family, interior design, and photography. Her passion for country music led her to Nashville, and now she goes back as often as she can. Her words of wisdom: Navigate by your heart, and live your own adventure.

Kady Alford 
Instagram: @kadyelizabeth 
Bio: Merchant by trade. Lover of all things beautiful. 

Kaitie & Tyler Moyer 
Instagram: @mccarnbnb 
Bio: A 1938 craftsman bungalow in East Nashville, available to rent on Airbnb,

Kate Wilke 
Instagram: @kateewilke 
Bio: Kate Wilke is the content manager at 301brands, and she's the lifestyle editor of and When she's not paddle boarding or skiing, she's informing someone about global warming (or cats) over a local double IPA.

Katelyn Burkhart Baker 
Instagram: @katelynburkhart 
Bio: Katelyn is an Ohio native who boomeranged back to her hometown of choice, Nashville, in 2015. She’s a writer at HCA with a passion for volunteering, shopping, and trying to cross every restaurant in town off her “must-eat” list. Today, her Instagram feed is dominated by her new daughter, Blythe, much to the chagrin of her dog, Biscuit. 

Kathleen Clipper 
Instagram: @thenewgirlinnashville 
Bio: Kathleen is a photographer and blogger exploring Nashville as the new girl in town.

Kathryn Moore 
Instagram: @sleepysunrises 
Bio: Kathryn Moore is a student, currently located in Northern Virginia. She’s an occasional artist, part-time traveler, and constant goofball. She spends way too much time on Instagram, more money than she should on coffee, and staunchly believes in the power of chocolate. She knows that Jesus is the best thing about her and you can usually find her in the company of her friends & family (because #extravert).

Kathryn Tilmes 
Instagram: @kathryntilmes 
Bio: Kathryn lives in Cincinnati, but is often dreaming up her next trip to Nashville. She loves to explore new places (preferably with a great cup of coffee in hand). More than anything though, she gets excited about stories. The stories that are told through honest conversations and that take relationships to new levels, and the stories told by the click of a camera that capture the palpable emotions that live in the stillness of each moment. 

Katie Garfield 
Instagram: @katie.garfield 
Bio: Born and raised in the South, Katie loves Nashville for it's great food, exciting attractions, and world-renowned live music. She loves hanging at Loser's Bar with her friends, and is a songwriter at Young Guns Publishing. 

Kayla Wagner 
Instagram: @kaylawagner 
Bio: I'm Kayla and I've taken a trip around the sun 24 times. The soundtrack to my life can be found on vinyl, and I'm currently in a very committed relationship with adventures, airplanes and good company.

Kelly Christine 
Instagram: @kellychristinesutton 
Bio: Kelly Christine Sutton was born into a creative family in the piney woods of East Texas. She picked up her first camera at 14 and hasn't stopped shooting since. She focuses mostly on lifestyle portraits + interior photography but also enjoys making short films. She currently resides in the country, just outside of Dallas, with her husband Canaan and their 2 cats in their tiny house.

Kelly Mandeville 
Instagram: @devillainess 
Bio: Kelly Mandeville. Filmmaker, photographer, marketeer, human. Avid adventurer and expert napper. Lover of old things, giant rings, wiener dogs, and motorcycles. A sucker for good beer, black coffee, and blues guitar. I love chocolate, I cut my own hair, and I always sing in the car. Born in Yellowknife, raised in Calgary, but my heart resides in Nashville. My family is amazing.

Kerri Nicole Rüffer
Instagram: @kerrinicoler 
Bio: Kerri is an old soul with a penchant for iced coffee, neutrals, and Nashville’s stunning sunsets. In addition to catching happiness with her camera, she is a writer, entrepreneur, ministry school graduate, and friend. For more of Kerri, visit her Instagram @kerrinicoler for a caption-by-caption love story of Nashville, travel, and everyday life.

Kim Salter
Bio: Kim Salter is owner of Design Thoughts Studio in East Nashville, where she helps people connect more fully to their lives.  Kim is an Interior Designer and an EFT practitioner and guide.

Kyler Raymond Russell 
Instagram: @kyler.raymond 
Bio: Kyler Raymond Russell is a photographer, student, and creative living in Nashville, TN. He enjoys coffee shops, languages, traveling, large cities, and most of all, people! You can check out his other work at

Laura E. Emerson
Instagram: @Lulu6252 
Bio: New Jersey native. Currently living at the beach in Maryland. Speech-language pathologist. I like candid photos best.

Lily Annabelle C. 
Instagram: @lavacakelover 
Bio: Black coffee drinker, food lover, cityscape illustrator, world traveler, San Francisco techie, native New Yorker.

Lindsay Bennett
Instagram: @lindsaynicholedesigns 
Bio: Lindsay is an artist with a fun and colorful style! She offers a variety of art prints and custom artwork including illustrations, watercolors, and hand-lettering! You can find Nashville specific prints through her online shop . All of the artwork in her shop is hand-drawn and hand-lettered by her. She is from Texas and also serves the Nashville area as a personal-trainer at a local fitness studio.

Lindsey McPherson 
Instagram: @TheNashvilleMom 
Bio: Lindsey is a wife, mother of two, business owner, and the founder of The Nashville Mom- a top resource and community for mothers in Nashville. She loves connecting with other mothers who enjoy exploring this city as much as her. When she isn’t out discovering new restaurants or parks, you can catch her cleaning up goldfish and oversharing on Instagram. 

Liz Burley 
Instagram: @lizburleyphoto 
Bio: Hey guys I'm Liz, a 20 year old, self proclaimed nomad/adventure photographer who has called Nashville home for the past 3 years. I've been doing photography for about 5 years now and I fall more in love with it every day. I love to travel and share my findings both in food and adventure through my photos. You will never find me without my camera, a journal, and snacks in my bag. 

Liz Rogers  
Instagram: @lizrogersxoxo 
Bio: Liz is a graduate of Vanderbilt University and the Founder and Creative Director of Anacrusis (@anacrusissongs), a boutique publishing and licensing company based in Nashville. Anacrusis works with emerging writers and artists to place their music in film, television, and commercials. Liz also loves travel, photography, and design, and exploring the world as much as possible. 

Madeline Bush 
Instagram: @theageofmadeline 
Bio: I'm just another Nashville explorer and lover. In love with the people, shops, food and music. I travel between Nash and Chicago chasing the the things that make time go slower.

Makayla Knight 
Instagram: @Foxhipfashion 
Bio: Makayla is a Nashville native, Entrepreneurship major at Belmont University, and a business owner. She loves supporting local businesses, artisans, and designers from the Nashville area. She considers herself to be an amateur blogger and photographer. When she is not running her business, Hippington a women’s boutique located in Springfield, TN, she is exploring new places to eat and shop in Nashville to share with everyone.

Mallory Lennon 
Instagram: @mallorylennonmusic 
Bio: Mallory Lennon is a Chicago native who fronts her folk fusion band, Mallory Lennon and the Sykadelix. She is a graduate of Loyola University with a degree in English Literature and a minor in Jazz Studies. Her penchants in life are the Grateful Dead, a good single-malt scotch, and an even better pour over. 

Margaret Macon 
Instagram: @livin4eaternity 
Bio: As a graduate student, I strive to find a happy balance in all aspects of my life. My instagram account displays my passion for balance between exploring local eateries and experimenting in the kitchen. Nashville has proven to be the perfect home-base for this journey, as well as cultivating my professional and personal milestones, and I cannot wait to see what the future brings for this amazing city.

Mari Rodriguez 
Instagram: @marirodrigzz
Bio: Seek to be worth knowing rather than be well known. 

Marilyn Lauterbach 
Instagram: @NashvilleFoodAuthority 
Bio: After moving to Nashville years ago, I realized I started to eat at the same chain restaurants and needed a change. I decided the easiest way to cure my hunger for something new was to look at the local Instagrammed food. At Nashville Food Authority you will find a great source for locals -or foodies new to Nashville- to discover unique places to eat. 

Mary Beth Wallace 
Instagram: @mbwallace93 
Bio: Just your typical small-town girl with big city dreams. I'm an avid traveler, cereal connoisseur, and wife to the coolest guy I know. 

Matthew Henning Griffith 
Instagram: @m_h_griffith 
Bio: Matthew Henning Griffith is a founding Principal of in situ studio (@in_situ_studio), a small, boutique architecture firm in Raleigh, NC. He lives with his wife, Ashley, and their three children in a mid-century modern house 2.5 miles east of downtown Raleigh. Matt currently serves as Associate Architecture Professor in Practice at the NCSU College of Design.

Melissa McWilliams 
Instagram: @hangryvegan 
Bio: Melissa is a relatively recent transplant to Nashville from Los Angeles. Hobbies include: food, animals, and activism. When she's not snapping photos, you can find her at Fannie Battle Day Home, where she works as their Development Director, or at Graze Nashville either managing or eating (most likely eating). 

Memorie White 
Instagram: @Memorieesq 
Bio: Memorie K. White, Esq. is a real estate attorney based in Nashville by way of Memphis, TN. She serves on the board for several local non-profit organizations including the Iroquois Alliance and Radical Inc. Memorie enjoys all things Nashville from dining to shopping. A few of her favorites include Margot Cafe & Bar, Face Nashville, Bastion, 3 Crow Bar, & Martin's BBQ.

Meredith Sloan 
Instagram: mrssloan1988 
Bio: NC native, Winston-Salem resident, and double Wake Forest graduate. Lover of good food, dogs, traveling, country music and my husband (not necessarily in that order). 

Mikey Lee 
Instagram: @Tsubi.lee 
Bio: Aussie foodie and wannabe chef living in nyc

Mindy H. 
Instagram: @minstagraams 
Bio: Mindy is a 25-year-old Nashvillian currently residing in the windy city of Chicago, studying for her Ph.D in Statistics. Having lived in Nashville for the last 15 years, she has seen the city change and grow, all while retaining its many quaint charms. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking, coffeeshop hopping, and checking out new local businesses. 

Nicole Gerstenkorn 
Instagram: @nickage_ 
Bio: Nicole is an Operations Coordinator for a communications company, combining her analytical and interpersonal skills to serve the deaf and hard of hearing community across the country. A California native, she’s made a home in Nashville with her husband, Grayson. You’ll find her planning her next trip and capturing pictures of her adventures, friends and food. Nicole loves seeing, sipping and sampling all the South has to offer.

Oksana Chernitskiy
Instagram: @OksanaChernitskiy 
Bio: Wife to a wonderful man who is also a rock star, mom to two amazing kids Roman and Kristen. Moved from CA to Nashville almost 8 years ago. Food is my passion.

Olivia Lauer 
Instagram: @TheNashvilleKid 
Bio: The Nashville Kid is directed towards youth by promoting local brands and artists around town. I share about inexpensive restaurants, as well as cheap or free activities that fit the budgets of kids my age. Help spread the word by using #TheNashvilleKid in your Instagram posts!

Pamela Bearden 
Instagram: @itspambearden 
Bio: Atlanta native, competitive cheerleading coach and portrait photographer. A combination of random things make up what is Pamela. Her photography can be found at -- it's what keeps her traveling and visiting beautiful places like Nashville. Things that inspire her are: bright white walls, blank Rifle Paper Co. notebooks and seeing people quit their day jobs to pursue the thing that gives them life. 

Pirjin Tayip Laser 
Instagram: @hepburndiaries 
Bio: Kurdish-American, Nashville native, and East Nashville resident. Loving every minute of Nashville's sweet southern symphony. 

Rachel Anderson 
Instagram: @rachelmarieanderson 
Bio: Co-Founder of Alumni Spaces, Entrepreneurial Specialist at The eFactory and manager for Shaun Munday.

Rachel Skaggs 
Instagram: @alifesolovely 
Bio: Rachel Skaggs is a Nashville native and PhD candidate in sociology at Vanderbilt University where she is writing a book about the Nashville music industry. Rachel sees as many films as possible at the Belcourt and is perpetually in pursuit of trying every coffee shop Nashville has to offer. 

Raina Patel
Instagram: @raina.patel
Bio: I spend my days, nights and all time in-between in the City that Never Sleeps. When I’m not working with Financial Services clients to maximize their marketing presence on LinkedIn, you will find me in a yoga studio, reading a book near the water, in a foreign city, or eating pizza (or a combination of these.) My wish for myself, and for all of you, is to always move towards better things.

Rob Norris 
A Nashville based photographer specializing in portrait and editorial work. Additionally, Rob tours full time as a photographer for pop-country duo Dan + Shay and other various artists.

Rosemary | Garden Key Co.
Instagram: @GardenKeyCo
Bio: Rosemary is a Nashville based creative who specializes in handlettering.

Instagram: @mrtallent21 
Bio: Growing up an hour from Nashville has given me the frequent convenience of experiencing all that the city has to offer, and I am a huge fan!

Sara Estensen 
Instagram: @saraestensen 
Bio: I grew up in Arizona but now spend my days in Nashville, TN. I believe it's the artist's job to express things that language, theology, and science cannot— the simple and complex details that make up this world we live in, the people we love, and the places we visit. When I’m not behind the camera, I enjoy cooking, painting, rainy days, and yoga.

Sarah Mock 
Instagram: @sarahmock 
Bio: Wisconsinite / Tennesseean Dog mom, human karaoke machine, positive thinker, Cheesehead. Loving every single second exploring this magical little city. Follow along on my adventures! 

Sawyer Wilson 
Instagram: @sawyermwilson 
Bio: Sawyer Wilson is a graphic designer, illustrator, and writer from small-town Texas. Keeping plants alive is an extraordinary challenge for her, drinking black coffee is a staple in her daily ritual, and Taco Tuesday is her favorite part of the week. Her heart is in the business of branding for creative companies and creating artistic illustrations. She is inspired by heartfelt words, clean looks, feminine touches, and Jesus Christ.

Shannon Duggan 
Instagram: @shannondugganphotography 
Bio: Shannon Duggan is a Lifestyle and Wedding Photographer based out of the midwest. She is constantly traveling the nation grabbing snaps of whatever cool spots she stumbles across. 

Shelby Buron 
Instagram: @shelbyburon 
Bio: I enjoy taking photographs and I enjoy food and I enjoy taking photographs of food. I honestly never imagined a photo of pizza would get me published in a book though. BELIEVE IN THE POWER OF PIZZA, YOU GUYS.

Steffi Yoon 
Instagram: @steffi.yoon 
Bio: Hi, my name is Steffi; yes, that’s my real name and it’s not short for Stephanie. My desire lies in minimalism because I believe that less is more. Recently, photography has captured my interest because it pushes me to have an eye for beauty in the very simple and mundane things of life. It’s my closest means to a creative endeavor.

Tanya Rustigian / Trust Jewelry 
Instagram: @trustjewelry 
Bio: Tanya Rustigian, owner of Trust Jewelry hand-creates her designs with a mix of symbolic energy & coastal inspiration; intending to bring uniqueness & individuality into her work. Since first traveling to Nashville in 2015, she has been back 3x. “There was no such feeling of uncertainty when I got to Nashville. I knew right away, I was in the perfect place to spread Trust & meet the South.” Tanya was not just overwhelmed with the amount of coffee shops & good eats but local support & community involvement…proven to be a Nashville standard. “I was so welcomed into the community…within 2 weeks, I felt like a local…also thanks to the Nashville Guide for all your help…I would have been lost without you!”

Taylor Worman 
Instagram: @taylorworman_
Bio: Taylor Worman is a senior at Easton High School who plans to study Marketing and Graphic Design next semester. Talents include: Procrastination, consuming excessive amounts of coffee, reciting rap lyrics, making terrible puns & spending money on plane tickets.

The Mill Boutique 
Instagram: @shopthemill 
Bio: The Mill Boutique, located in the heart of The Nations in West Nashville, offers women's clothing, accessories, jewelry and gifts. The style is West Coast Boho meets Southern style, with bold prints mixed with everyday basics, with nothing over $90. Co-owned by sisters, Allie Abide and Lauren Miller, The Mill was recently named one of Nashvilles top boutiques. 

Tieka Ellis 
Instagram: @selectivepotential 
Bio: Selective Potential is a personal blog based in Grand Rapids, Michigan featuring style, travel and daily life.

Tori Perry 
Instagram: @tori_has 
Bio: Passionate Photographer, Avid Hiker, Dog Lover, Coffee Connoisseur, Jesus Freak, Belmont Alumni, West Nashvillian

Trish Kozlak 
Instagram: @trishabelle_ 
Bio: Marathons, coffee, and travel are constants in Trish's life. Aside from running and her 9-5 job, capturing the joys of everyday life and inspiring others to make daydreams a reality makes her tick. Trish’s advice to you: “Always remember that love is an action verb--show the people that mean the most to you their true value and spend more time doing the things that make you happy.

Victoria Cumbow 
Instagram: @victoriacumbow 
Bio: Victoria Cumbow is a native Tennessean and enjoys spending as much time outdoors as possible. She loves to share Nashville’s beauty and history through photographs. Victoria uses social media to help advocate for various causes including JDRF, Walk Bike Nashville and Oasis Bike Workshop. In the summer, you can find her on two wheels leading tourists downtown with Green Fleet Bike Tours.

Walker Feed Co. 
Instagram: @walkerfeedco 
Bio: Walker Feed Co. is a Nashville based all natural cocktail mixer company specializing premium mixers made with fresh, high quality, uniquely Southern ingredients. Products include; Walker's Southern Bloody Mary made with a Bourbon Barrel Aged Worcestershire, Creole Mustard and Blackstrap Molasses and Walker's Honeysuckle Sour and Flavored Margaritas made with fresh squeezed juices and Tennessee Honey. 

Welsey Fitzhugh 
Instagram: @welseyf 
Bio: Hey Y’all! I’m Welsey Fitzhugh I currently live in Richmond, Va. I graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University (Go Rams!) with a Marketing Degree. After graduation I became the Marketing and Event Specialist for Lazy Days Winery in Amherst, Va. My mom recently moved to Nashville so it’s a perfect excuse to visit my favorite city. I enjoy wandering around Nashville and photographing my journey.

Winnie Wong
Instagram: @wnne_wng 
Bio: Winnie is a full-time video producer living, working, and exploring Oakland. When she's not making videos with her team, you can find her at the closest foreign film festival or learning how to Vogue.

Bio: lover of all food and rescue dogs, i call nashville home and have spent my formidable years growing up in the south. I've seen nashville transform from a honky tonk capital into this vibrant eclectic city that it is now, with some of that honky tonk flair here and there. while i may spend the majority of my time outside of nashville nowadays, i will always call nashville home and look forward to giving recommendations for where to eat and what to do in this wonderful city of ours! welcome to nashville and i hope you may come to call it home for yourself as well.